Playing with Colors in a Snowstorm: a nice way of saying the photos are blurry

We had another blizzard tonight in Madison. I took the eerie lighting as an opportunity to play with a friend’s camera, and to see if I had held on to the training, if any, from my high school photojournalism coursework.

Nearly all of the photos came out blurry. This was not surprising.

When photographing dark locations the camera’s shutter has to be held open longer to allow enough light to create a defined exposure. However, if the camera or an object within the camera’s view finder moves while light is still entering, the sources of light move relative to the camera, creating a blurred image of overlays. I’m terrible at holding a camera steady when the shutter is held open for an extended period. I think that’s why we have tripods. But I was playing in the snow – no tripods allowed.

Despite my failings, I still liked the colors that developed. It was something of a revelation to remember that objects in my daily life contain color; and these colors become your paints after your 3D world is flattened into a canvas.

The images posted below are unaltered, but I’m curious to see what Photoshop could do if one were to enhance them.



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