LeRoy Butler talks bullying

Today, I wrote a piece in Isthmus about former Green Bay Packer, LeRoy Butler. Butler gave a talk at St. Dunstan’s Episcopal Church Sunday about coping with bullying as he grew up with a disability (congenital talipes equinovarus, otherwise known as club foot).

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Being a Kentuckian whose TV sports viewing is limited to UK basketball and women’s Olympic figure skating, I didn’t know who Butler was until I wrote about him. However, Madisonians probably have not committed the egregious error of failing to recognize a famous sportsman when they see one. And neither have Madison’s journalists, because The Capital Times linked to my article in their “Morning briefing.” I stand humbled for underestimating the importance of sports figures in Wisconsin. Indeed, as I learned yesterday, former athletes like LeRoy Butler can use their fame to promote useful causes, as his foundation does for women suffering from the costs of breast cancer treatment.

I made a video excerpt of Butler’s talk in which he describes advice his mother gave him to cope with bullying. Apologies for the audio quality.



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