Welcome to My Husband’s Trophy


My name is Bennet Goldstein, and this is the My Husband’s Trophy blog. Please use the links to the left to navigate this website. To learn more about this blog and it’s naming – as well as me – see the “About” section.

~Note: This blog was formerly (and will one day return to) its original iteration as outlined below. However, I have since moved to central Iowa to work full time for the Marshalltown Times-Republican as an education reporter. I spend the majority of my time covering the Marshalltown School District, Marshalltown Community College, county government, and the number of other miscellaneous assignments that come with working at a small town newspaper. I also produce my own photography, graphics, and video. As such, most posts on my blog, for now, will expand on or include additional multimedia content that did not make it into my original articles (which may be found on the Times-Republican website). I will write about HIV and pop culture as time allows. Thanks readers!~

This website is a forum dedicated to exploring topics related to HIV, LGBT (colloquially: “gay”) lives, political & pop cultures, and the arts. This assortment of topics may come across as odd or even crass.

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